Update from Sam

Headed down Tobacco Rd…

24 Jul , 2015  

…and ironically going to be tapping into a trial drug that is working really well right now on non-smokers.

Had a really nice meeting with my oncologist at UNC yesterday, it was probably one of the more calm and thorough meetings we’ve had in a while. I went in with low expectations, I have found that this is a better mental route at the hospital. Things just never go as planned. This way of thinking worked, as we have action next week.

I’m getting a nerve block on Monday to alleviate this pain in my left lower back. It’s just not going away. It’s an outpatient procedure, gonna stick some big needles in my spine and numb some areas. Should last about 3 weeks. I’m actually really looking forward to getting this done.

More importantly, I am meeting with Dr. Ready next Thursday at Duke.There is a trial there that I have a good chance at qualifying for. It’s a kidney cancer drug that is seeing very positive results in treating other cancers. Will give more data on this as I have more.

Got a prescription to Marinol, a marijuana based pill that we are hoping will help my appetite. I’m a friggin wafer right now and need a booster for eating. Hope this works.

Thanks again to all of you for your support. The MOJO has been coming in heavy lately and every bit helps.

Have a great weekend, friends and family. Love you all. ~SS

Update from Sam

Beach Bums…

20 Jul , 2015  

So I’ve discovered that a good way to recover from 3 weeks of radiation is to sit on the beach with family and friends and eat homemade grub and talk about the good ol days and watch kids fly kites and take naps on the couch and look for dolphins on the horizon and sleep in and breathe in the salt air… .that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I am sorry for not updating this earlier. Been laying low. I’m feeling a bit better, the radiation reduced my pain, and I believe the progression of the cancer, which is what we wanted it to do. But, I have NO energy. One flight of stairs and I’m ready to find the couch. Seriously. It sucks. My appetite has been bad b/c of the morphine I’m on all day, every day. I’ve lost a lot of weight. Which all of you know, I don’t need!! But I’m eating more this week and that feels good. It was ugly for a while.

This Thursday we meet with my oncologist and will hopefully get some ideas for PLAN D. No clue if we will be tapping in to a new trial or dipping back into more chemo. NO CLUE. But I hope to have some news for everyone by end of week.

I will do a different post for this, but I am incredibly lucky to have been picked for the Joe’s Bucket Bash recipient in August at Captain Bills. Volleyball, corn hole tournaments, auction of local goodies…all helping fund my medical bills. I was teared up when I was offered this opportunity. There are some VERY KIND people in this world. Thanks to Gabe and John for getting me in the mix. Please like this page and get a team together and/or come out to the event and drink some cold beverages and make  a bid on some of the cool stuff. https://www.facebook.com/joesbucketbash


Pops and I on Bogue Inlet Pier…we used to sleigh the croaker there!