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Serenity Now…

13 Aug , 2015   Video

If you don’t know this term, watch the video, it’s a quick education on it’s meaning.

I’ve used this term a few times lately, its been very relevant to some situations that have surrounded my treatment and transition to Duke. I’ll give ya’ll the nutshell version and maybe you’ll understand why!

So I had a good initial meeting with Dr. Ready, the oncologist at Duke. He had me come in the following week to get some screening and preliminary stuff done before getting the trial started. And, had me go get some blood. My hemoglobin was way low. I went to UNC and got two pints. A bit of a nerving experience. But we got it done. That was on a Thursday. On Monday, I woke up to my right clavicle area swollen and very sore. Right near where my port tube meets the artery it’s connected to. I thought the transfusion had irritated it. We’ll come back to this.


That aint my blood.


Few days later, after a number of phone calls and emails, I got my appointment to get my screening done. EKG, blood work and a CT scan from top of my head to my pelvis. This turned out to be a LOOOOOOOOONG day. Most of them are in the hospital. That blood transfusion went from 11-6pm. But we got it done. EKG fine. Blood fine for the most part. CT scan not so good. Dr Ready called early Friday morning to tell me I have  blood clot in my left lung and to get my tail to the hospital ASAP to get a blood thinner shot. So another day at the hospital. And it came with a kicker. I have to give myself 2 Lovenox shots EVERY day. For life.  Not exactly what I was wanting to hear. But again, we got it done, and I’m handling the shots ok. Needles are only about 1/2 inch long. Goes in your belly fat (which I have very little of), kinda like a diabetes shot.

Because of the blood clot, my treatment was delayed from the 13th to the 24th. Serenity Now. Something to do with the blood thinner and the trial drugs not jiving right. This is extremely frustrating…more waiting while this cancer keeps growing in my body. I mentioned the swollen area earlier that I thought may have been an infection from the blood transfusion. Wrong. Cancer in my lymph nodes on that right side. Serenity Now. Up to this point, everything has been confined to my left side. Now it’s made it’s way to my right. Super sucks. Especily since we don’t start treatment until the

POSITIVE NOTES – Gotta keep the good MOJO energy in check, so here are some nice highlights from the last few weeks.

Fundraisers – I received a nice check from the Eddy Haneman fishing tourney. Thanks to everyone that showed up for the luncheon and to Stacy Wester and company for making this happen. It brought me to tears. An interview I did actually ended up on Time Warner Cable. We famous. Joe’s Bucket Bash – speaking of fundraisers, who’s coming? Huge event at Captain Bill’s over off Market St. Volleyball, corn hole, music, booze, auction with some great items from local shops and restaurants etc. Event is August 29th at 11am. I will be there and will be playing corn hole with my buddy JC. Bring your best. It’s GAME ON! https://www.facebook.com/joesbucketbash

Care packages  – I continue to receive some great gifts from all over the country. These things certainly make me feel better and loved and I can’t thank you all enough for all the cool goodies.

General kindness – it continues to blow my mind how caring and thoughtful folks have been. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

*And yes, if things get too wacko, Serenity Now has lost is power, and I feel like I’m about to blow a gasket, I will switch over to Hoochie Mama as my new relaxation technique…





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  1. Michelle Riley says:

    Keeping the positive vibes and thoughts pouring your way. Nothing can touch your heart, which is pretty fabulous. Big Hug, Sam.

  2. Jane Deaton says:

    Jane and Brian from the annual pig roast in Pinehurst. Praying for you every day Sam. Your courage and good humor are an inspiration. God bless!

  3. Mary Duke Barnwell says:

    Gosh Sam….that was a lot to digest… I think about you often…prayers to you my friend and all of your doctors and nurses…I have no reason to complain when there are friends like you who are fighting every single day for another day…MoJo my friend….

  4. We love you and your spirit, Sam! The Mojo is flowing and we’ve got your back!

  5. susan says:

    We think of you every day Sam. What an amazing spirit you have through all of this. You’re making MOJO lemonade! Love and hugs big guy…

  6. Jon Zahlaway says:

    See you at Captain Bill’s, bro’. Bringing some Philly Mojo with me.

  7. Sheila Balnis says:

    Serenity Now + MOJO Now! Love you Sam!!! Always positive Mojo coming your way!

  8. jody in wine country says:

    Whoa. That’s a lot, my friend. Sending prayers up every day. Sending strength mojo to you, your providers, & your family.

  9. Amber Grumbles says:

    That is a lot to wrap your head around. Your attitude and spirit inspires me. I think of you often. Prayers to you and all your Drs. Keep fighting … ❤️❤️❤️
    I am trying to make it to make it to Wilmington that weekend I would love to see you.

  10. Sarah Naftolin says:

    Sending my love, prayers and positive thoughts daily Sam!! You are the strongest person I know!

  11. Anita Liebscher says:

    Sam, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

  12. Andrea Taylor Arnold says:

    Thinking of you often and praying for a cure. Your spirit and positive attitude are an inspiration!

  13. Andrea Morris says:

    We are praying for you everyday.! You are an inspiration to all of us. Stay strong!

  14. Liz Grasty says:

    Sam, I think of you everyday! Your spirit continues to amaze me! Sending you lots of love, strength and prayers!

  15. Nicole says:

    Man Sam…that is a lot . Great episode choice:) Still one of the best shows ever. You and your positivity are amazing. Much mojo, prayers and thoughts for you daily!!

  16. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    Holding a rain dance tonight to summon the mojo spirit to rain down on you. Good luck tomorrow!

    Love & miss you,

  17. Julie says:

    Hi Sam,
    Your report makes me wanna say a bunch of very bad words. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It HAS to get better now.
    See you tomorrow. xox
    Lady of the Hood,

  18. Brandi says:

    You are a warrior, you are a hero, you are the amazing man I met 22 years ago, filled with humor, love and appreciation for life. Thinking of you and knowing the bash will be a huge success. Love you my friend.

  19. Mary Nelson says:

    Brother Sam ! I am so proud of you. Your courage and spirit are… Well, incredibly inspiring. You have created the Sam Shelby Movement! It’s bananas amazing! You are the Kelly Slater of cancer. You have ridden every wave with so much style and grace. I’m in awe and like everyone else who knows you, just blown away. Thank you for sharing this part of life’s journey. Hope your have a beautiful day. Xoxo

  20. Kristin kash says:

    Just came back to read this post again, because it’s all Sam. He finds positives in the valleys. Yes he is remarkable.

  21. Austin Adams says:

    Sam! You are a beast, dude! Keep those positive thoughts rolling! We are praying for you in the Adams household.

  22. Bud Wawner says:

    Sam, Metedith and I are pulling for you! You are such a positive force! Keep fighting! Much love and prayers brother!

    Bud and Meredith

  23. Leslie says:


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