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Mojo Bling Bling…

30 May , 2015  

Outside of wearing a watch, I’ve never been much of a jewelry guy. No necklaces or rings or bracelets. I did have that herringbone gold in 10th grade but we’re not gonna count that. So when my ol’ friend Mary McCall Timmer said she wanted to make me a a custom MW piece, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. But we talked it through, and a piece for my key chain seemed like something I would use and have with me most of the time. I was shocked when this bad ass piece showed up at my house. Super cool and one of a kind! Huge thanks to you Mary, I’ve got my mojo with me at all times! And didn’t need an herringbone necklace  to do it. Click the pic to get a larger image…


Take a look at her beautiful work here:

Update from Sam

Wham Bam Thank You Fam…

30 May , 2015  

I’m a lucky dude in many, many ways. One big way is my family and how great they’ve been though all this. Mom just left today, she was here for a week.  Had some quality time and just relaxed and caught up. She lives in Cali, so we don’t get to to hang all that often. My DC cousins drove down here a few weeks ago to spend some time before starting my new treatment and are always checking in on me. My brother drove up the week of my new treatment and joined me on my infusion day at the hospital. My aunt and uncle were with me till 1am a month ago in the ER after a blood clot scare. And Dad and JoAnne have been in the mix since the beginning and have been amazing. Just a few examples of how awesome my fam is. They will be a key factor in me beating this.

PD1 treatment update:  So I’m 9 days into my first treatment and I haven’t really felt any change, it’s actually been quite the opposite. The cancer has grown a bit and my chest and back have been in some pain. BUT, it is standard for the PD1 to start working about two weeks in. So this is no surprise. I have my second infusion this coming Thursday and the docs have said that this will be when some relief will start. So, I’m ready to get in there and make it happen. The port recovery has been fairly painless. I can hardly tell it’s there as I type this and it was smooth going last week. Much better when getting blood taken and with the drip. Glad I got it, so far.

Will update everyone again after this next treatment. Should be feeling better by the end of next weekend. Ready for it.


Family infusion fun!


Getting goofy in Mebane, NC



Update from Sam

The Change Up…

15 May , 2015  

The Change Up. It’s a pretty darn good movie, but didn’t make too big of a splash at the theaters. Has a quick appearance by my actor buddy Gabe Wood – good work dude! Wish that what this entire post was me rambling about this movie and it’s funny parts but I’ve got other news to report though that involves some change.

A while back I said I was thrown a curve ball. This entire scenario that we’ve found ourselves was one mean pitch back on December 1. And now we’ve been thrown another pitch. This one was a changeup (click to read what type of pitch this is in baseball). Here’s why I’m categorizing it as that: Went in for my 6th infusion yesterday, and to have my port put into my chest – which allows for an easier time getting treatments. No more IV’s and tearing up my veins. Had the port put in early, then went to go talk to my doc. I’ve been having some back pain and general discomfort on my left side, and it has progressively been getting worse, especially the last week. Told this to my oncologist, who had me go take an unscheduled CT scan. Radiology came back, and the cancer has spread a bit into the back of my chest cavity. The current chemo has quit working. We’ve been thrown a changeup, one we were not expecting quite this early in the game. Thought the pemetrexed may be what we were doing for the next few months at least, but not so. So we cancelled the chemo, and I’m now due back in there next Thursday.


MW News & Notes

Dub Love…

5 May , 2015  

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.57.27 AM

So the gang over at UNCW got word of the Mojo blog.  They did a feature on their blog about this blog, and now I’m blogging about that blog. Is there a term for this? Maybe we can coin one.

Many thanks to them, and to all my Seahawk friends out there for all your support.

Check  it out: