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Mojo Bling Bling…

30 May , 2015  

Outside of wearing a watch, I’ve never been much of a jewelry guy. No necklaces or rings or bracelets. I did have that herringbone gold in 10th grade but we’re not gonna count that. So when my ol’ friend Mary McCall Timmer said she wanted to make me a a custom MW piece, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. But we talked it through, and a piece for my key chain seemed like something I would use and have with me most of the time. I was shocked when this bad ass piece showed up at my house. Super cool and one of a kind! Huge thanks to you Mary, I’ve got my mojo with me at all times! And didn’t need an herringbone necklace  to do it. Click the pic to get a larger image…


Take a look at her beautiful work here:

4 Responses

  1. Darcy says:

    Awesome and so very special!

  2. David Hinson says:

    Love that man. Very cool design, will have to check out Mary’s site. Been missing you sumpin fierce boy… need to catch up soon. Love you man. _David

  3. Emily Madison Baucom says:

    Very cool, Mary!

  4. Jessica Walbridge Richardson says:

    Mary that is just awesome!

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