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‘I set a PR’…

25 Mar , 2015  

If you have ever spent any time with a tri-athlete or marathoner, or are one yourself, you know this term well. “I set a PR”. Or possibly “I want to set a PR”.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, PR = Personal Record. I heard it many times this past weekend, friends of mine hoping to set a PR in the 1/2 or full marathon. Lots of my crew is in incredible shape and have done these things a zillion times over.  Something I have never tried nor have any desire to, but I admire my friends that do it. It’s no easy feat and takes training and drive and a fair share of blisters and sore muscles. Not sure if anyone got their top time, but hopefully some of my gang had their best finish.

Wasn’t much chatter about setting world records for the 1 mile or 5k on Saturday, but I’m happy to announce that I set a PR this weekend. These are unofficial numbers, but here are my stats over a 3 hour period on Saturday at the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon 1 Mile and 5k afternoon….


Update from Sam

Significant shrinkage…

13 Mar , 2015  

First things first. Thanks to UNC for giving every patient in the open area of the chemo floor a TV. Hadn’t really used it the first  few times in there, but yesterday spent two hours watching Carolina avenge that awful meltdown to Louisville they had over SuperBowl weekend. Brice had his mojo workin’. GO HEELS.  

Now on to the shrinkage. No, it’s not the George Constanza kind I’m talking about here (see the 2:35 mark of the video). I can assure you I have not been any cold pools recently. Where I have been is in a CT (computed tomography) scanner, which takes a detailed pic of your insides. With the help of some iodine in the blood, the cancer cells show up better. We got a good luck at the biggest tumor that’s in my chest yesterday before this 3rd infusion, and it has shrunk by about two centimeters. My body is reacting well to the two chemo drugs. We’re all very happy about this.


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Run, Warriors, Run!

10 Mar , 2015  

This has made it way around Facebook, but luckily EVERY human is not on FB, so I figured I’d put up the word here too.

As a little side event to the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, some good friends have organized a MOJO run/walk in conjunction with the 1 mile and 5k. I THINK there are still slots open for the 1 mile and 5k – come out and have some fun with us, and get yo’ self one of the new MW tees. These will be available at the race, and online after the race weekend on the Without Limits website.

The 1 mile starts at 4pm at the Mayfair Event field on Saturday the 21st. 5 k is at 5pm.

Here are some more details:

Thanks again for all of your support. Looking forward to getting outside with everyone.


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