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Run, Warriors, Run!

10 Mar , 2015  

This has made it way around Facebook, but luckily EVERY human is not on FB, so I figured I’d put up the word here too.

As a little side event to the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, some good friends have organized a MOJO run/walk in conjunction with the 1 mile and 5k. I THINK there are still slots open for the 1 mile and 5k – come out and have some fun with us, and get yo’ self one of the new MW tees. These will be available at the race, and online after the race weekend on the Without Limits website.

The 1 mile starts at 4pm at the Mayfair Event field on Saturday the 21st. 5 k is at 5pm.

Here are some more details:

Thanks again for all of your support. Looking forward to getting outside with everyone.


Purchase these on race day or online the week after!


3 Responses

  1. Moore County Shelby's says:

    Yes, we are among those not on Facebook, so thanks for the info. We are profoundly impressed with your determination and the support of your friends, and we will be buying two of these cool t-shirts in solidarity with you and your friends. Love you lots.

  2. Nicole Gallimore says:

    Hope the run goes well…sounds like a great time. Shirts are great. Stick with that mojo spirit!!! Thinking of you.

  3. Michael Byrd says:

    Fantastic. I needs me a Mojo shirt! I can’t run the 1 mile or the 5k cause I’m running the half. Does that count? 😉 I’d love to wear the shirt for 13.1. Who do I see about a men’s large – you or Tom Clifford?

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