review and radiation…

23 Jun , 2015  

Review and Radiation. Kinda sounds like an R.E.M. song. Not sure why. Just does. Here’s what’s going on. I have some other stuff to post, fun things, sappy things etc, but want to get this out there for all to know.

December: was given the news, had a lung operation and a biopsy.

January – February – March:  started and maintained chemo. saw some shrinkage.

April: chemo quit working. Switched over to the trial immunotherapy drug called Nivolumab. Cancer grew some during this transition.

May – June: had a few infusions of the trial drug, and it is simply not doing the job. Cancer has progressed and my left chest cavity is a bit of a mess. I’ve been in extreme pain, lost weight, and unable to get much done b/c I’ve been jacked up on Morphine.

THIS WEEK: So we made a tough decision to leave the trial and start radiation. It should give me some relief within a week or so and allow us to come up with Plan D. I have been miserable, and something has to change. I have my second radiation treatment today, it’s a short 15 minute procedure. Painless. Easy. The pics shows where they are concentrating on with the radiation.

Again, I’ve got some other stuff to post. But had to get this to all you loving folks out there inquiring! Please keep the phone calls to a minimum, I’m having a hard time talking. I’m very short of breath and it just int east to rap on the phone. More to come this week…



We are working hard on assassinating the dictator that has taken over these regions!!






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The Sounds and Sights of Spring…

1 Apr , 2015  

Sat on the back porch tonight with my Pop. Maybe 5:30 or so. Sun sets directly in our back yard this time of year. Beautiful scene. Creek is flowin’. Green grass is poppin’. Flowers bloomin’. Commented on the many birds feeding on this squirrel-free rigged feeder, naming what we saw, listening to the hundreds of calls in the trees. We actually saw one on the feeder we didn’t recognize (it was a Warbler, we haven’t figured out which type). Pops has been a bird watcher since before I was born, and as many of you know, I dig birds too. My bro and I know a good bit about the animal world b/c of our upbringing and respecting nature. Thanks to my Dad for this. For tons of reasons, but for one, it makes 30 minutes in the backyard with him that much more enjoyable and interesting. Every time.

Sitting there breathing it all in, including the pollen too unfortunately, I thought about home. I’ve been here for almost 4 months now – December 1 is when Christian told me I have cancer. I’ve had wicked good support from family and friends here. Jo Ann and Dad have been amazing. Mom flew cross country in the freezing temps to see me for a fun week and I’m gonna head her way soon. Friends and neighbors I’ve known 25+ years stopping by with food, a hug, a joke, whatever. We’ve weathered the very cold winter (as these parts go), and this health mess so far, and it feels energizing and comforting to be sitting at home with my Dad as the sounds and sights of Spring are kickin’ in. There is no other feeling like it.



Fun & Games…

27 Feb , 2015  

There are a handful of bands that I am sure I have seen live 15+ times. Guster. Dillon Fence. Hobex. And The Connells. Lots of fond college memories with these fellas from Raleigh, NC – fondest ones coming at the Mad Monk. They still play a few times a year over at Lincoln Theater, and tonight is one of those times. I had planned on going, and feel pretty good today, but I’m gonna avoid the crowd and cold and hang tight in Chapel Hill. I know my Wilmington posse will be representin’.

Big thanks to the band for having some fun and sending this MW pic in a few weeks ago. A little rock & roll mojo goes a long way.




12 Feb , 2015  

Hard work, persistence, creativity and being a nice guy = good mojo: Robert told me that Beck’s album sales were up 1400% this past week after the Lord of Douchebaggery (thank you Stike for this name) made yet another appearance the other night on the Grammys. Was pleased to hear this, as I own a ton of Beck’s music, have listened to him since I was 23, and was lucky enough to see him this past July in Raleigh on the Morning Phase tour (thank you Hinson for the ticket). I dipped back into Beck this week, watched some videos I’ve never seen, listened to some tracks I hadn’t really given much time before. He’s an awkward dude, a bit slight…he may have skinnier legs than me. But he is a skinny legged genius. A dozen studio recordings. The latest release is mellow and dark, far from some of the hip-hop style most know him from (Odelay sold 4 million copies, his newest only 300,000), but listen a few times and it’s just easy to to understand why it got so much praise….



The Mojo is Risin’…

19 Jan , 2015   Video

This is Hughes. Hughes is a longtime friend from freshman hall in ’89. Hughes is talented. Hughes is funny. Hughes is bringin’ major MOJO…and made my day.

Plus, a few of you Warriors  made the video. Enjoy!



11 Jan , 2015   Video

In case any of you need an inspirational song from an Australian dude who is all about the peace, love, harmony, environmentalism and kinda gnarly, long guitar-pick fingernails, here’s your answer. This is what’s channeling into the new Jawbone speaker today in Chapel Hill. The last 4 minutes or so are my favorite. Good Sunday tune.



Man Crush

18 Dec , 2014   Video

Dave Grohl is my hero, or one of them as least. The new Foo Fighters documentary Sonic Highways is a masterpiece. Collaboration and interviews with the likes of Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy, Bad Brains, Cheap Trick, Pharrell, Gary Clark Jr. and Stevie Nicks to name a few. 8 songs recorded in 8 cities and inspired by the musicians that shaped their sounds from those locations. Rockin’. Unique. Inspirational. The dude can do no wrong in my book.

Thanks to Shawn and my brother for adding me to the tour in 2015. Lookin’ forward to the Chicago and Atlanta shows in the Fall. See ya in a few months, Dave.