12 Feb , 2015  

Hard work, persistence, creativity and being a nice guy = good mojo: Robert told me that Beck’s album sales were up 1400% this past week after the Lord of Douchebaggery (thank you Stike for this name) made yet another appearance the other night on the Grammys. Was pleased to hear this, as I own a ton of Beck’s music, have listened to him since I was 23, and was lucky enough to see him this past July in Raleigh on the Morning Phase tour (thank you Hinson for the ticket). I dipped back into Beck this week, watched some videos I’ve never seen, listened to some tracks I hadn’t really given much time before. He’s an awkward dude, a bit slight…he may have skinnier legs than me. But he is a skinny legged genius. A dozen studio recordings. The latest release is mellow and dark, far from some of the hip-hop style most know him from (Odelay sold 4 million copies, his newest only 300,000), but listen a few times and it’s just easy to to understand why it got so much praise….


Great to see a guy that’s worked for so long (and can apparently play 14 instruments) on such a varied library of music get some attention for an album that’s off the grid and not mashed up with a bunch of gizmos and auto-tuners etc.

If you don’t have Morning Phase, give it a listen and some thought. It will grow on you.

This is one of my all time fave songs and videos of his. Great song for driving.

Turn it up.

Our view in Raleigh…


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  1. Hughes Waren says:

    I totally agree on Beck. I bought Morning Phase on vinyl about two weeks before the Grammy’s. (glad I did…it’s now a classic) After reading so many positive things about the over all production of this album ( Rolling Stone gave it 4.5 stars out of 5) I had to get it. This is my third Beck album. It does have a different vibe than the others which is great for Sunday morning chilling music.
    Attached is a link to one of my favorites from Beck. A live version of “Debra” Enjoy !!!

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