Update from Sam

Headed down Tobacco Rd…

24 Jul , 2015  

…and ironically going to be tapping into a trial drug that is working really well right now on non-smokers.

Had a really nice meeting with my oncologist at UNC yesterday, it was probably one of the more calm and thorough meetings we’ve had in a while. I went in with low expectations, I have found that this is a better mental route at the hospital. Things just never go as planned. This way of thinking worked, as we have action next week.

I’m getting a nerve block on Monday to alleviate this pain in my left lower back. It’s just not going away. It’s an outpatient procedure, gonna stick some big needles in my spine and numb some areas. Should last about 3 weeks. I’m actually really looking forward to getting this done.

More importantly, I am meeting with Dr. Ready next Thursday at Duke.There is a trial there that I have a good chance at qualifying for. It’s a kidney cancer drug that is seeing very positive results in treating other cancers. Will give more data on this as I have more.

Got a prescription to Marinol, a marijuana based pill that we are hoping will help my appetite. I’m a friggin wafer right now and need a booster for eating. Hope this works.

Thanks again to all of you for your support. The MOJO has been coming in heavy lately and every bit helps.

Have a great weekend, friends and family. Love you all. ~SS

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  1. Sheila says:

    My dear Sam, sorry to hear about that pain and so happy that they have come up with a plan to give you some relief and to help you get some extra appetite. Pulling for us on this new trial too. Tons of Mojo continues to come your way, friend! Much love!

  2. Jessica Walbridge Richardson says:

    Good News Sam! Been thinking about you a lot and really glad there is a plan D. xo-Jess

  3. Laura Jacobs says:

    So glad to hear this, and glad I got to hug your neck at the post office last week. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers — will keep sending the mojo your way.

  4. Kate Batchelor Wofford says:

    Hi there! I’m Tricia’s sister and just wanted to say hello and I hope things go well today and later this week at Duke. I actually had throat cancer last year and was treated at Duke. (I’m also a non-smoker– so unfair). Anyway they were wonderful and I knew I was in the best hands. Prayers for you! Kate

  5. Jules Ledermann says:

    Been thinking about you lots and sending prayers your way. Xoxo

  6. Quint Clayton says:

    Keep fighting man!!!
    Prayers going out all the time…
    Great seeing you Sunday…

  7. Kristin kash says:

    SS. You continue to inspire. You are an amazing human and loved by so many. Prayers and love kkash

  8. Laurence (Larry) Smith says:

    Hey Sam,

    I’ve had you on my mind so much recently. My job takes me to The Triangle twice a month, and each time I go to Chapel Hill & Duke, I think of you.

    Email me if I can help with transportation as you take this new drug. Seriously…
    Email or call me anytime.. 9103092483

  9. Jennifer Alphin says:

    Hey there Sam—you’ve been on my mind for a very long time. I have faith that you are a great candidate for the trial and that the only wafer you’ll be talking about will be the Nilla one you’re eating!! My boss man came to work with a MOJO WARRIORS t-shirt on this morning!! Woo Hoo!! I’m here in Topsail Beach- went to high school with Daniel and Greg and Tim 🙂
    Chin up my man!!

  10. Sarah Naftolin says:

    Thinking about you a lot lately Sam! I am so glad to read positive news! Keep fighting the fight! We are all here with you! Positive daily thoughts and prayers my friend! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Sean says:

    hey elbs,
    great seeing you at my bdday party. you got more attention than i did…nothing new! keep us posted on the duke plan. you may need extra nausea meds as you go into dookie land! kels and i cannot make the benefit at the end of the month unfortunately. we are headed to charlotte that wknd. give us a shout when you get back to wilm. we are about due for another trip to brass! We are praying continually for you my man…never prayed harder.
    Blessing and much lucas love,
    Sean and Kelsey

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