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Serenity Now…

13 Aug , 2015   Video

If you don’t know this term, watch the video, it’s a quick education on it’s meaning.

I’ve used this term a few times lately, its been very relevant to some situations that have surrounded my treatment and transition to Duke. I’ll give ya’ll the nutshell version and maybe you’ll understand why!

So I had a good initial meeting with Dr. Ready, the oncologist at Duke. He had me come in the following week to get some screening and preliminary stuff done before getting the trial started. And, had me go get some blood. My hemoglobin was way low. I went to UNC and got two pints. A bit of a nerving experience. But we got it done. That was on a Thursday. On Monday, I woke up to my right clavicle area swollen and very sore. Right near where my port tube meets the artery it’s connected to. I thought the transfusion had irritated it. We’ll come back to this.


That aint my blood.


Few days later, after a number of phone calls and emails, I got my appointment to get my screening done. EKG, blood work and a CT scan from top of my head to my pelvis. This turned out to be a LOOOOOOOOONG day. Most of them are in the hospital. That blood transfusion went from 11-6pm. But we got it done. EKG fine. Blood fine for the most part. CT scan not so good. Dr Ready called early Friday morning to tell me I have ¬†blood clot in my left lung and to get my tail to the hospital ASAP to get a blood thinner shot. So another day at the hospital. And it came with a kicker. I have to give myself 2 Lovenox shots EVERY day. For life. ¬†Not exactly what I was wanting to hear. But again, we got it done, and I’m handling the shots ok. Needles are only about 1/2 inch long. Goes in your belly fat (which I have very little of), kinda like a diabetes shot.