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We asked for more shrinkage, we got it…

24 Apr , 2015  

Had another CT scan yesterday prior to infusion #5 and results were good. About another 20% reduction in the primary tumor in my chest. We don’t have access to these radiology images, so I took a pic of it on the screen at the office. That’s an unofficial measurement you see on the image. It was over 6 centimeters when this all started, so things are going in the right direction. Keep showin’ us the shrinkage.

Big change in my routine yesterday was the omission of the primary toxic drug called Carboplatin. Done with that gnarly stuff. Now taking Pemetrexed only. Should not be be feeling so weak or sick in coming weeks as a result. We’ll stick to this until it quits working, and will then switch over to the PD1 immunotherapy drug. Could be 6 weeks. Could be a year. Just gotta wait and see. I also committed to having a port installed into my chest in 3 weeks to make these infusions a bit easier. Cut out all the IV mess – sore veins, bruised arms, etc. More on that in a few weeks.

These fine gentlemen joined me yesterday. Larry and Greg are long-time friends from college and we had some fun cutting up with the medical team yesterday. Lots of laughs. Grande thanks to these amigos for spending the entire day with me…scan, bloodwork, visit with the oncologist, infusion. The entire bit. Was nice to be able to eat lunch outside too, this sunshine does not suck.


Larry, thanks for skipping the Wolfpack red you usually wear and sporting the TarHeel blue. We know this was not easy.

Even Larrys daughter and her classmates got into the mix yesterday. Some southern MW love from a Charleston field trip!

Even Larrys daughter and her classmates got into the mix yesterday. Some southern MW love from a Charleston field trip!


I’ve got a good story about the shirt I’m wearing in the photo above. Will explain that in my next post. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks again to all you Warriors for all the support, gifts, texts, calls, hugs, love and general good Mojo.


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  1. Katie Greganti Hall says:

    Happy to hear that, Sam. Sending good energy! Keep celebrating every victory.

  2. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    Great news Sam! If anyone in your rotation has a conflict, I want first rights!!! Wore my tshirt yesterday to support you in your fight. Mega mojo love from the Windy City. xoxo

  3. Emily Madison Baucom says:

    Great news, Sam! xo

  4. kp says:

    Always enjoy hearing positive news.

  5. Cindy Paliouras says:

    Fantastic news Sam!! Sending lots of love and “shrinkage vibes” your way! :0) xoxoxo

  6. Amy Moeller says:

    Happy Friday! This is great news Sam! I am so happy to hear this and you have THE most amazing attitude. You are a true Warrior!

  7. Tate says:

    Awesome news xox

  8. Tate says:

    Awesome news ! Xo

  9. Merlyn says:

    So, so happy to hear this news!!! You rock Sam! MOJO kicking!! Much love, much love!

  10. Heidi Paulson says:

    Thrilled to hear the great news Sam! The positive mojo spirit is working its magic! You look fantastic- always happy to see that smile. Thanks for keeping everyone updated….you have many warriors cheering you every step of the way!

  11. marianne velonis says:

    AWESOME TO HEAR. and, MUST hear this guster story soon! sending you good vibes from the west coast! xoxo

  12. Shannon Oliver says:

    You will LOVE the port!!!! So good to hear about the wonderful progress.

  13. Thomas Stanton says:

    Always great to hear shrinkage, well except for when I’m getting out of the ocean!! LOL Much love, support and MOJO sent your way my brother!!

  14. Paige says:

    That’s great Sam! Keep kickin it!

  15. Nicole Gallimore says:

    fantastic news!!! Thoughts and payers with you and happy mojo.

  16. Andrea Morris says:

    Geat news Sam!! Prayers continue!

  17. Amy Kullberg says:

    Great to see your smiling face tonight! You look great! You are an inspiration! Keep up the fight!

  18. Terry Scalzo says:

    This is shrinkage everyone can love! Great news Sam!

  19. Julie says:

    Hooray! Shrinkage! So glad you are finished with that crappy chemo drug…………………but it must have worked!!! Hang in. xox

  20. Sean says:

    yo yo yo elby, lucas checking in. its friday night on the coast and just rode the cruiser to hang w suni and ellis at lighthouse and mellow and couldn’t help wishing you were here. i just caught up on your blogs and whole heartedly agree w getting a port and am so pumped about transitioning to PD-1 therapy. i, like all your other thousand shelblovers, are so fired up about the shrinkage. like i said earlier, God is good all of the time and i have no doubt He will gaze on you and continue to heal. stay strong my man and keep the faith. we miss you down at the beach. give me a call when you return for an all expense paid fishing shutout in the SS Lucas. blessings and much love, sean

  21. Jon Zahlaway says:

    Not generally a fan of shrinkage, but I can get behind this kind. Great news, brotha. Keep on shrinkin’…

  22. Amber Grumbles says:

    So great to hear the news!! Awesome!

  23. Chad Pappas says:

    We don’t know each other personally but you are friends with my wife Melissa (Griffin) Pappas. She told me about the situation and I wanted to let you know we are both praying for you daily. We will continue to follow the blog for updates on your status. My mother beat breast cancer 2 years ago. She had stage 4 as well. Just keep fighting and accept nothing but a win. I just wanted to comment and let you know your in our thoughts and prayers. You’ve got this.

  24. Mandy Melind says:

    Super Sam! Love to hear that along with your fantastic attitude. Keep it up. Much love to you:)

  25. Leigh Moore says:

    I was happy to find out about your website. I passed it on to Akers as well. I look forward to playing tennis with you again! Best wishes to you. You are a fighter!

  26. Madonna says:

    Hi Sam,
    Remember me from the Fan Club and our most outstanding cruise with Three Dog Night! I’ve been praying for you since Michael and your Mom told me the news of your current battle. I had no idea you are such a WARRIOR and I’m so proud of you! Keep up the good fight and my prayers will continue to hold the line with you.

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