11 Jan , 2015   Video

In case any of you need an inspirational song from an Australian dude who is all about the peace, love, harmony, environmentalism and kinda gnarly, long guitar-pick fingernails, here’s your answer. This is what’s channeling into the new Jawbone speaker today in Chapel Hill. The last 4 minutes or so are my favorite. Good Sunday tune.

Saw John Butler Trio in Raleigh a few weeksago with some of my buddies. Think it was my 6th show. Never disappoints.

Pic of him playing Ocean at Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh…



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  1. Josh H. says:

    Hey Sam. Watching football today and thinking of you. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy today.

  2. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    A part of it reminded me of the soundtrack for Into the Wild.

  3. Emilie says:

    Funny how things happen. I was just listening to JBT yesterday morning for the first time in about 3 years – random shuffle on my computer.

  4. Brian says:

    Any time you can say the “last” four minutes of a song are your favorite…you know it’s gotta be a really epic tune, and is probably innagadadavida. Hope all is well today my friend!

  5. David Hinson says:

    Hymn-like and meditative my man. One of my faves too.

    I always visualize that camera shot you see in movies from helicopters skimming hyper-speed over the ocean at about the 2:50 mark… Brings back so many good memories.

  6. Jenny says:

    You always have had great taste in music. Hoping you get the news you are waiting for this week. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Merlyn Crawford says:

    Listening now. Love it.

  8. Shirley says:

    Love Ocean. Thank you for the introduction.
    We are holding you in the light.
    Much love

  9. ginger connett says:

    Hey buddy!! Lying in bed here in Denver Colorado listening to Ocean and sharing the spirit with you. Except for his creepy nails I am solidly in love with everything about him….( of course I also love Sam Bush… and Brad Connett…and you !) I’m out here for a few months and I am sending the power and karma of the Rockies your way. every time I look at them I think of you and the strength you have within. They visually define warrior don’t they? Love and hugs from me and the black dog . if you need a sloppy kiss from someone special know it awaits ( the dog dummy!)
    ‘love ya and hold you in my heart and prayers here in Colorado
    Peace and gentle surroundings f

  10. Rams says:

    ❤️ this! I’m downloading it to my iPhone now. Thanks for the rec!

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