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27 Feb , 2015  

There are a handful of bands that I am sure I have seen live 15+ times. Guster. Dillon Fence. Hobex. And The Connells. Lots of fond college memories with these fellas from Raleigh, NC – fondest ones coming at the Mad Monk. They still play a few times a year over at Lincoln Theater, and tonight is one of those times. I had planned on going, and feel pretty good today, but I’m gonna avoid the crowd and cold and hang tight in Chapel Hill. I know my Wilmington posse will be representin’.

Big thanks to the band for having some fun and sending this MW pic in a few weeks ago. A little rock & roll mojo goes a long way.

Funny Connells side note: Just remembered this…was driving a van full of buddies, and my brother, along a mountain top in central Costa Rica back in 2001. Not many stations coming in on the radio due to our locale, and we’re weeding through the crappy tuner trying to find some music. Suddenly a frequency comes in loud and clear, and “74-75” by The Connells is playing. We all lost it, couldn’t believe our ears. Turned it up loud and enjoyed a few minutes of ¬†homegrown NC tune-age in the rain forest. Good stuff.

Here’s a look/listen at “74-75″…

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  1. David Hinson says:

    Will miss you tonight man. Great memory above.. it really was crazy hearing that song at that time. I had another situation when I was in Paris, took a break in a cafe from my daily touring and heard ’74/’75 as well…. I think the song was HUGE in Europe at the time… to your point, it made me feel right at home immediately. Love you man. _David

  2. Amber Crawford-Grumbles says:

    Mad Monk…. oh my~ Good Memories

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