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‘I set a PR’…

25 Mar , 2015  

If you have ever spent any time with a tri-athlete or marathoner, or are one yourself, you know this term well. “I set a PR”. Or possibly “I want to set a PR”.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, PR = Personal Record. I heard it many times this past weekend, friends of mine hoping to set a PR in the 1/2 or full marathon. Lots of my crew is in incredible shape and have done these things a zillion times over.  Something I have never tried nor have any desire to, but I admire my friends that do it. It’s no easy feat and takes training and drive and a fair share of blisters and sore muscles. Not sure if anyone got their top time, but hopefully some of my gang had their best finish.

Wasn’t much chatter about setting world records for the 1 mile or 5k on Saturday, but I’m happy to announce that I set a PR this weekend. These are unofficial numbers, but here are my stats over a 3 hour period on Saturday at the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon 1 Mile and 5k afternoon….

112 hugs, including 48 man-hugs

45 fist bumps

27 chest bumps

43 high fives

17 low fives, some of which came on the beach cruiser

23 kissy cheeks

57 photos, including 13 group selfies

I’m very proud of these numbers, mainly because they involved people I care about (try chest bumping yourself…not easy). Can’t thank my friends and family enough for coming out to support me, the fight against cancer, the race, etc. We sold over 100 shirts in what seemed like 12 minutes, and we obviously represented well at the event. Heard that this was the biggest turn-out ever for the Saturday of the Quintiles race…500+ folks showed up. The MW contingency was strong and a large percentage of that group. The volunteer group on the course was made up almost entirely of MW crew. Just a lot of love all the way around. Which is what my idea what this Mojo Warrior movement is. Support someone in need in numbers, with a boost with laughter, a hug, a pic, a kind word, a gift, a surprise…create some good mojo for that person, and help them fight whatever is is they are battling. It has certainly helped me.

I will have an update on how to get the shirts, the Mojo Warrior Foundation I’m forming and more later this week.

Huge thank you to my team that helped me set my PR. It will be a hard one to beat! Love ya’ll. ~SS

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  1. Shawn Moran says:

    Love the 48 man-hugs call-out. Question is, how many female chest-bumps did you get? Love this update, Sam and love you! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there but you know where I was.

  2. Sam R Crittenden says:

    Sam, it was great to see you and what a great turnout, what amazing friends you have. I’m glad I could bring 4 out of my 5 Critters out to support. The question I have is how did I not get in the picture? Love you buddy and stay strong.
    –Sam C

  3. Jenn Kostel says:

    Your updates make me smile. Would love to have been there to join in the fun. Sending you so much support across the miles. 🙂 & <3

  4. Jon Zahlaway says:

    Way cool, Sam. Wish I was local; I’d have rocked the marathon big time. Ok, the 1/2 marathon. Alright, alright … the 5k, actually. That’s kinda my limit. You should see kickin out the 10-minute miles.

    Love you, bro.

    PS: VH headed out on tour this summer. Might hafta put a road trip on the calendar and catch the NC show with you!

    • Sam Shelby says:

      Spandex VH or Cabo Wabo VH?

      • Jon Zahlaway says:

        Spandex, sadly. Dave can’t really cut it anymore, but I saw them on the last tour, and the band is tight. Definitely worth seeing. Eddie’s playing as well as he ever has, if not better … and I’m guessing this might be their last ride.

        I still laugh thinking about you describing seeing Roth at that club in PHX.


  6. Kelsey says:

    It was great seeing you on Saturday and hope you could feel the love and the “mojo”. We love you and please know you have all our support as you keep up the fight. And thank you for keeping us posted. Will be praying for continued “shrinkage”.
    PS – Love the cruiser selfie with kiddos in the background.

  7. Moore County Shelby's says:

    It is heartwarming to see all those beautiful young people coming out to support our beautiful, brave and strong young nephew. Didn’t see any old folks in the crowd, so it was probably best that we were with you in spirit only. We definitely need two of those shirts when they are available. Lot you lots.

  8. Terry Scalzo says:

    Love all the mojo! Count me in for the VH reunion tour. Much love!


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