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Significant shrinkage…

13 Mar , 2015  

First things first. Thanks to UNC for giving every patient in the open area of the chemo floor a TV. Hadn’t really used it the first  few times in there, but yesterday spent two hours watching Carolina avenge that awful meltdown to Louisville they had over SuperBowl weekend. Brice had his mojo workin’. GO HEELS.  

Now on to the shrinkage. No, it’s not the George Constanza kind I’m talking about here (see the 2:35 mark of the video). I can assure you I have not been any cold pools recently. Where I have been is in a CT (computed tomography) scanner, which takes a detailed pic of your insides. With the help of some iodine in the blood, the cancer cells show up better. We got a good luck at the biggest tumor that’s in my chest yesterday before this 3rd infusion, and it has shrunk by about two centimeters. My body is reacting well to the two chemo drugs. We’re all very happy about this.

So here’s what’s up next: I will have one more infusion that includes Carboplatin. It’s the stronger of the two drugs that are part of my drip and the one that make me feel like complete doodoo for about a week. We will then go to just Pemetrexed, the second of the two in my drip, and do another two rounds with only that. Side effects not near as severe. More good news. Assuming things continue to shrink, we’ll stick to this for a bit. Tons of folks have asked me “how many times do yo have to do this?”. As of yesterday, there is no answer to that. I could be doing this for a year…some as a preventative measure. Not really excited about that. But if it’s what we gotta do, it’s what we gotta do!

Thanks to Jimmy and Brooke for sitting in, and bringing some tasty treats, and keeping the mullet jokes to a minimum (I’ve known these two since the mid 80’s). They made the few hours in the poison pit good fun and I cherish my friendship with them like I do a lot of you. Thanks also to some folks to have helped with my diet. Too many to name. But lots of folks with good advice on foods, websites, vitamins etc. You know who you are. Every little bit helps.

Lastly, the Quintiles marathon is next weekend. There is a MOJO WARRIORS element into the 1 mile and 5k on Saturday and there and many of my friends and relatives have volunteered. THANK YOU! Folks traveling to do this even. I’m pumped to see everyone. I’ll be doing both, but will likely be on my beach cruiser on the 5k. You can still sign up to walk/run, I think they are good on volunteers. So come join us Saturday at 3. The new shirts will be available there, and then online later. To Register: http://www.wrightsvillebeachmarathon.com/ **Enter Promotion Code MOJO at Registration**


Heels high atop the ceiling…


These things are made by CLIF and have become a staple at the hospital…


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  1. Maria Setti says:

    Haha Sam Sam!

    When I read the Title of your update I swear I thought about George Costanza!!! That episode is so funny!
    I am very happy that the treatment is being effective ! Vivaaaa!
    You are on my daily prayers!



  2. Robin finch says:

    Well, you have made my day with this positive news!!! I know the chemo can be tough as mom made it thru round three (out of four) and moms dr. said that is all she can handle. She is 75… I know you will rock it!! Keep on keepin on 🙂 all the Mojo Warriors know you GOT THIS!!! Lookin forward to seeing you! XO!!!!

  3. Akers says:

    Great news, Elby. Stay strong and Go Heels!!

  4. Ash Ludman says:

    You’ve got this! Sending the light and strength that you exude right back to you!

  5. Jon Zahlaway says:

    That’s awesome news, Sam. Very glad to hear it.

  6. David Hinson says:

    This update made my day my man! Soo good. The mojo is working and STILL gaining momentum. Love you man. _David

  7. Sheila b says:

    So happy to hear about your shrinkage!! Ok, feels weird saying that, but happy all the same. 🙂 so wonderful to get this positive news. Good vibes always coming your way from Chicago. Much love!

  8. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    Very glad to get this news and very jealous of Jimmy & Brooke! I was just told of a t-shirt that reads, “Chemo sucks” … the back reads, “But if it sucks the cancer out of you, go Chemo! “

  9. jody in wine country says:

    Keep rocking it, Sam. This good news makes me smile. Several friends fighting this right now. Keeping you all ,lifted in prayers of healing. Wish I could be there to ride (running = no bueno) with you. There in spirit.

  10. Tricia Batchelor says:

    Fantastic news! We will see you at the race next weekend.

  11. JP Pennington says:

    Great news Sam and keep up the good fight!!

  12. Elise Matta Bruce says:

    Awesome news! Glad your body is responding so well!

  13. J.P. O'Connor says:


  14. This is AWESOME news! Strong Mojo forever!!!

  15. Julie says:

    HOORAY!!! So good to hear! Keep on keepin on! xox

  16. Stella Parrish Griffin says:

    Such Great News! You’re the man!!! Keep up the good work. You are in my heart, thoughts & prayers every single day. Hugs & mucho kisses. I love you.

  17. James says:

    Great news!

  18. Moore County Shelby's says:

    This is terrific news, Sam! At least your putting up with the awful side effects of the drugs has paid off with good results. Keeping you in our prayers and hoping for more good news soon. Love you lots.

  19. Shawn Vaughan says:

    This is awesome news Sam!!! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

  20. Dodi says:

    Prayers for you daily my friend! xo

  21. Damon Frazee says:

    Sounds like things are heading in the right direction Sam. That’s great to hear. Cathy and I send you our best bro!!!! 🙂

  22. Nicole Gallimore says:

    So good to hear that news. Go Shelby Go! Warrior on:):)

  23. Keely says:

    Two centimeters is the difference between “eh” and “ah”! Congratulations on the best type of shrinkage; keep it coming! Hugs and positive Mojo!

  24. Shelley Jackson says:

    Jon and I are thinking of you! We are glad you are responding to the chemo….keep up the fight!

  25. Tammy Seaton says:

    Great news Sam!!!

  26. Terry Scalzo says:

    In this case, shrinkage is awesome! So happy to hear it. I need to represent in a Mojo Warriors shirt. How can I get one?


  27. Carol Hobbs and Johnny Williams says:

    Hi Sam,
    We just found out the news this week – I guess we’ve had our heads in the sand. We want you to know we are pulling for you and with all your positiveness you’ll beat this thing!!! We can’t make it tomorrow but would love to give you hugs and kisses sometime soon (well maybe Johnny not so much the kisses!) Great news on your progress and I’ll keep my head out of the sand going forward!
    We love you!

  28. Keep that great attitude shelby….we prayin for ya

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