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4 down and some funky footwear…

3 Apr , 2015  

Completed a 4th infusion yesterday with the good company of my longtime friends Dave and JC. Dave treated me to a veggie burger at Al’s Burgers on Franklin St. prior, and JC treated me post to a beer after at Top of the Hill.  Thanks to these fellas for sitting in and making my day better.  Things went smooth for the most part. It was the last time I will have the super toxic Carboplatin drug drip. We’ll taper down to only the Pemetrexed for weeks to come, possibly 52+ or more weeks of them. It’s gonna be a long haul. If the Pem quits working or gets me feeling too sick, we’ll go to the PD1 immunotherapy drug that I spoke of so much weeks back.

A nice fella sat across from us that had a chemo port installed in his chest and he may have sold me on getting one myself. He’s had it 10 months and was very pleased. No painful IV installs, which has been a big problem for me. Quick and easy hook up to the chemo drip machine. The port will be a bit of a display while in the sun with a shirt off, but my white, skinny bird-chest has been that for years anyway, so big deal right?

Another highlight was the debut of some sweet new bobos that Jimmy surprised me with me a few weeks ago. My Warrior Coxswain Tarheel blue kicks were a big hit. Made by a lacrosse company. I’m digging them. I’m sure you are too.                   Thanks Jimmy!

I’ll have a link up this weekend to buy the MW shirts online, lots of you asking about that. $30 each and that will include shipping. Again, thanks for all your support and encouragement. Have a happy Easter weekend, I’m off to grab my Bro at the airport.


Minutes after saying goodbye to the Carboplatin. Thanks for making the trip, fellas!



You know you want some.




Sweet potato veggie burger for me. Dave had the real thing. And a large fry at Al’s is LARGE.



My beer intake has been almost non-existent over the last 4 months. This one tasted gooooood. Funny people watching on Franklin St. too.




13 Responses

  1. J.P. O'Connor says:

    Looking great and doing great my friend! Keep up the good fight. You got this bro! Have a happy Easter weekend!

  2. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    You all look great! Thanks for the post…a Good Friday indeed! Happy Easter

  3. Mary Nelson says:

    Sending tons of west coast love and positivity! Get the port, accessories are in!!! Love your kicks and the pics! Xoxo

  4. Sean Mitchell says:

    lookong good Sam. Thanks for the update. I like the port idea! Better than getting stuck with a needle all the time! Sending good wishes from Southern California.

  5. Kimbob says:

    You are looking great Sam! Thanks for the updates! I had a PICC line for a year for IVs for Lyme. Everyone where i get treatment has the port and like it so much better than the PICC…safter/less infection and saves your veins. Don’t think you’ll regreat getting it.
    You are and will be in my prayers!
    You are a WARRIOR! And Im definetly diggin the kicks!!

    • Sam Shelby says:

      good info on the port, Kimbob. Thanks. I think I’m sold on it based on how many more of these I’m looking at. Thanks for the support!

  6. whitney hayes says:

    hi sam –
    just catching up with you and your fight! YOU GO…i just read all about the chemo you’re getting – you can do this…you have already and the trauma to your system will pass. try to remember that.
    you’re looking great and i’m so thankful you have so many kind, loving people there to help carry you through. big prayers for you, my friend. xox, whitney

  7. Jon Zahlaway says:

    Thanks for the update, bro. Sweet kicks. You’re looking good. Glad you got to have a brew!

  8. Andrea Morris says:

    Love the shoes! Thanks for the updates, you are rocking this! Sounds like you are sold, but the port is definitely the way to go. Xoxo Andrea

  9. Florence C. SRV says:

    Hi Sam, Just found out about this site. Thanks for updates. Thinking of you. All the beset. Love from the “Hood”.

  10. Emilie says:

    Glad to hear things are progressing well, Sam. You’ll have to let me know which hometown you’re in come June. flying into RTP before heading down to the beach…would love to see you this trip – will travel for friend. MOJO comin’ your way!

  11. Josh H. says:

    Hi Sam. It’s a bright sunny day here today and I’m smiling thinking about you enjoying a cold beer after your treatment. We are praying that your shrinkage continues!

  12. Julie says:

    Hi Sam- Thinking about you more than you know. Glad you are considering the port. I called mine my “doorbell.” The most fun was the day the doc took it out when chemo was completed. 🙂
    HUGS. Julie

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