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One down…

6 Feb , 2015   Video

One infusion down and a week of chemo floating around in my system. It had me down for a few days, worse than what I thought it was going to be, but I’m out of the funk now and feeling a better. Two weeks till we do it all over again. Thanks to a few of you that got to me with some food and pampering etc. So grateful for all of you. To those that may have called/emailed/texted this week, please know that I’m having a tough time getting back to everyone. It’s not personal! Just back logged. That’s all.

One thing that I can guarantee in 2015. There is going to be a fiesta at the end of all this. A friggin big, fun, thumpin, rockin, grande fiesta. With friends. And family. And food. And drinks. And music. And dancing…play the attached video and you will get a very good idea of the feeling I’m going to have once this chemo bit is over with.

I’m going to give everyone a peek into the entire “chair” scene next month after my next infusion, which is Feb. 19. I’ll get some more posts up in the next few days, including links to buy some MW gear. Stay tuned!


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  1. Michael Byrd says:

    Is that a proper cocktail glass in your hand? Looks like it! I told your story this morning. Thinking about you, Brother. Bring on the good kind of funk and the Soul Train party! Soon. For now, Warrior On. We’re with you.

  2. Amy Sawyer says:

    Looking good, buddy! Glad you’re feeling better. Keep your eyes on the prize. Can’t wait to boogie down Soul Train style when you get through this! Big Hugs!!!! xxxxx

  3. Tracy Upshaw Kabeshita says:

    Look at you…you are SO adorable!

  4. Moore County Shelby's says:

    So glad to read that you are feeling better! We are warming up tonight for your fiesta by watching “Get On Up.” And, when the time for the fiesta comes, we have bell bottoms from the era which we will be proud to wear. As you know, Shelby’s can’t dance worth a darn, but we’re going to start practicing so that we can be ready. Love you.

  5. Tammy Seaton says:

    Grind on Sam!!!!!! Good MOJO sent your way!!

  6. Whitney says:

    Praying for you, sam Shelby. Just got caught up on your posts. I’m sorry about your friends….they’re watching over you now, helping you kick this thing. You’ll get through the next chemo ok…hate that you had a few days down ….
    Xxxxx, Whitney

  7. Mary Rowe says:

    Checking in on you, looking good Sam! Much love from Topsail.

  8. Nicole Gallimore says:

    Disco Style…love it. Great Mojo thoughts sent your way. Thinking of you.

  9. Kim Moenich says:

    Only you could look so cute sitting in a chemo chair! Sending you all my good vibes! <3

  10. Danielle says:

    Love you Sam. xoxo

  11. Maxine McCullough says:

    thinking of you with good thoughts. I’m sure your Mom and I can still get our Mojo on for the Soul Train Party, just a little slower. Lots of prayers
    Maxine, Mom’s cousin

  12. Josh H. says:

    Hey Sam. We were thinking about you this weekend. With this chilly weather, it’s the perfect time to rest up and be strong. Looking forward to the next update.

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