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23 Jun , 2015  

Review and Radiation. Kinda sounds like an R.E.M. song. Not sure why. Just does. Here’s what’s going on. I have some other stuff to post, fun things, sappy things etc, but want to get this out there for all to know.

December: was given the news, had a lung operation and a biopsy.

January – February – March: ┬ástarted and maintained chemo. saw some shrinkage.

April: chemo quit working. Switched over to the trial immunotherapy drug called Nivolumab. Cancer grew some during this transition.

May – June: had a few infusions of the trial drug, and it is simply not doing the job. Cancer has progressed and my left chest cavity is a bit of a mess. I’ve been in extreme pain, lost weight, and unable to get much done b/c I’ve been jacked up on Morphine.

THIS WEEK: So we made a tough decision to leave the trial and start radiation. It should give me some relief within a week or so and allow us to come up with Plan D. I have been miserable, and something has to change. I have my second radiation treatment today, it’s a short 15 minute procedure. Painless. Easy. The pics shows where they are concentrating on with the radiation.

Again, I’ve got some other stuff to post. But had to get this to all you loving folks out there inquiring! Please keep the phone calls to a minimum, I’m having a hard time talking. I’m very short of breath and it just int east to rap on the phone. More to come this week…



We are working hard on assassinating the dictator that has taken over these regions!!






16 Responses

  1. Jon Zahlaway says:

    You’re the sexiest map I’ve ever laid eyes on.

    Keep on fighting, Sam. You can do this.

  2. Kelly Flowers Steggles says:

    Thinking of you Sam! Praying for some relief for you!! XXOO
    Sending lots of positive MOJO your way!!!

  3. Merlyn says:

    Sending you love and powerful support Sam! You are one strong mutha. You got this!! I love you!!! Mad MOJO!!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Amy Sawyer says:

    Sending mojo love, love, and more love!! xoxo

  5. Sheila b says:

    Sam – sending tons of love and support and prayers your way for relief and shrinkage. And Mojo. Lots of Mojo!! Always the best Mojo comin At’cha. Much love my friend.

  6. Adam Lightcap says:

    Sam…Keri and I are thinking of you and sending you all the MOJO we can from NJ.

  7. Nicole Gallimore says:

    Many prayers and thoughts are going out to you and major mojo vibes. Keep up the strong fight!!

  8. Laura Jacobs says:

    A dear friend of mine started radiation 2 weeks ago for the same reasons. Keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Liz Grasty says:

    Sending love and support your way! The Grasty Crew

  10. Carolyn Candebat says:

    Praying for your healing, Sam, every day. Mojo coming your way from Pittsburgh.

  11. Sean Mitchell says:

    Hey Sam,
    I’m really sorry you are going through this. Tons of MOJO coming at you from California my friend! Sending prayers and love your way as well!

  12. Leslie says:

    In the wise words of Sanjay: “Let’s juice this goose!”

  13. Jenn Sulloway says:

    We think about you every single day. Keep up the good fight. You’ve got this, Sam!! xoxo -Jenn & Frank

  14. Kristin kash says:

    It’s a great day to kick some cancer Ass. Prayers everyday. Inspiring man you are.

  15. Ellen Gardner says:

    Sam- I pray for you everyday! Keep fighting like a big dog! You are the MAN!! I feel good about our Heels this yr! Give ’em your best! Lots of love- Ellen, Jim and Kristi

  16. Rebecca Brown says:

    Thinking of you and sending you prayers and more strength, Sam –if that’s even possible, because you are apparently the strongest human on the planet with the way you’ve been fighting this. Stay strong and know that San Francisco is on the map in sending Mojo your way!

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