5 Jan , 2015   Video

I cried 3 different times yesterday over the loss of Stuart Scott (TarHeel). Hard not to. The guy has been part of my version of reality TV since college years. Who didn’t like the guy?

The ESPN office commercials have always been good. I remembered this one – made me laugh and showed that Stuart could be humble, even in making fun of his signature term…

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  1. Greg Berry says:

    I am with you Slim! He changed the way sports were delivered to the ESPN watcher, and he was definitely….”as cool as the other side of the pillow”!
    Much success with the procedure today…….talk soon, GB

  2. Shawn Moran says:

    I did too. I loved watching him and those commercials were always so good.

  3. Pedrina says:

    Me too Sam! And today! I loved him. When I worked at Jocks n Jill’s he was on SC and that’s why I liked it. He made me laugh. MW.

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