“If one of ya’ll says some silly ass name…”

19 Dec , 2014   Video

Laughing is good therapy for most any anything. Good for your mojo. Plan is to drop in something funny everyone once in a while on this blog to keep things light. This skit from Key & Peele will never get old in my world.


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What is a Mojo Warrior??

19 Dec , 2014  

Mojo is a great word. It caught on with me years ago. Not sure why or how. My Dad may have introduced it to me. It has always defined great vibe or mood or maybe you are just balling that day in whatever it is that you do. “Danny Green dropped 25 points on the Lakers last night. He had his mojo workin’.” Everyone may use it a bit differently, but the overall tones are the same…Positive. Success. Oomph. Spirit.

Warrior is a bit more straight forward. Again, it’s a word I like. Tough. Resilient. Persistent. A battler. My mom and Dad are both cancer survivors and I, and you, know plenty more. All warriors. I will probably be posting some profiles on people that fit the warrior mold.

Since getting the news, I have had an indescribable amount of love, friendship, warmth, affection, support, and super good mojo come my way. It has brought me to tears. These friends and family members are my team, my posse and what I am now calling my MOJO WARRIORS.  You have magical powers based on the definition below! If you are reading this, you are most likely part of this sorcery squad, and I ask you to apply it to my situation, and anyone else you know that may need an injection of oomph or love or a high five or a hug. Make them smile, laugh, feel loved, makes a big impact.

In the long run this site will be less about me and more about support, laughter, love, friendship, ass-kicking and success for those that need it. Hoping it develops and take on a life of it’s own. We’ll see.

I’m working on creating a logo/character/face/symbol for a Mojo Warrior (as well as one for FckUCncr). It will have the same butt-whoopin’ spirit as The Ultimate Warrior, seen above, but will probably have a bit more zen, charm and general niceness incorporated, and less face paint.

mo-joa power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.

war-rior a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill